The Conservatives Brought the Republican Party to the Big Dance


This might be the right time for McCain! I am a Romney fan but in light of the fact that I am completely heartbroken by his departure and I find Huckabee repulsive, John McCain could be the nutball we need to fight the Dem’s. Here’s how I get there:

• We all know McCain is willing to fight dirty, stoop low and do things that conservatives utterly despise.
• This Republican primary showed that McCain is willing to be dirty and do whatever it takes to win. Again. I believe this is why Romney did not win. He was not willing to stoop to the same level as McCain and quite frankly he’s not a politician.
• McCain is “fired up and ready to go” McCain Fired up and ready to go!!!! Lets hope McCain will swear, use profanity and just go nuts all over the Dem candidate. That would be hilarious and “win or lose” the conservative base wins since we have already disassociated ourselves with him.
• This personality driven race needs McCain to go off on the Dem’s it will make him likable and…It’s the only way he will get the conservative base “fired up” to vote for him.
• If Conservatives are going to beat the Liberals, Socialist, Fascists, Communist, Terrorists et al., we need to beat the Democrat Party. The best vessel we have to do this is the Republican Party. The Party must come first at this time.
• The Dem’s are trying to divide and conquer the Republican Party. And they should be. It’s the best strategy for Liberals to force their agenda’s on the American Public. Like it or not the Republican Party has been the only group that has been able to hold the line it the battle for our nation’s freedom and liberty (although there are times it has let us down i.e. McCain)
• Ann Coulter you are a great voice for us but I’m sorry you are wrong. This general election is not about Hill vs. McCain or Obama vs. McCain it Democrat vs. Republican.
• Yes The Republican Party is moving left. But conservatives are not.
• Conservatives!!! Wake Up. Do not let the left destroy the Republican Party.

Conservatives!!! Wake Up. Throughout history Republicans have given blood, sweat, tears and prayers to beat The Left. Many of those have been Conservatives. Conservatives have brought the Republican Party to the big dance we cannot let it go home with the “Biff Tannen”

Raphael Canton 2/12/2008

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