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What is going to happen in November?

June 29, 2008

Does it really matter? Well it matters to me. but then again It mattered to me in 1996 but the American public still gave 4 more years of Clinton. There is just no telling. One thing for sure is we need a Leader. why aren’t there any leaders among us….I think the leader should come from among the wealthy…not just the uppermiddle wealthy, I’m talking the super wealthy. Hears an idea…why aren’t NFL game tickets $5 a piece….seriously…I know they don’t have a problem selling out stadiums now but If I were were making millions a year as a team owner I would not be talking about how rookies are getting paid to much. there is an undeniable plague of selfishness and greed that is attacking us. Affecting us and bringing down the goodness inside us. how  is it that there are so many with so much but yet so few take a stand. how can there not be a leader among us who can unite us. Such great minds, talent and wealth. Spoiled by short sited desires and carnal pleasure. And what about the talkers. Those with the microphone. Or should I say micro-phonies. Their entertainment value is exhausted. Why aren’t they doing more????  The same reasons. Selfish greed. Lord we need a leader. Please Lord bring us a leader.