Stream of Consciousness

Okay so Bush is a good President, history will prove it. the war in Iraq was a good idea. It is (or was)the central front of the War on Terror.

Right now the Republican talking points are to say Obama was wrong on the surge. or more specifically that if we followed Obama’s strategy we would have lost the Battle of Iraq. The Liberal talking point is to say Obama was never for the war. (duh) that is the easiest counter to the stupid Republican argument.

Therefore if Republicans are going to win this argument they must win the argument that “The Battle of Iraq was the right move from the start” stress “We have won the Battle of Iraq!” Re-frame the argument, restate the terminology. 

The war of words will win the election, until enough American wake up to realize that they have to look beyond the words these stupid politicians are saying. Americans must familiarize themselves with the consequences of the decisions of their vote, the consequences of their candidates platform, the consequences of a political parties platform

I am no longer calling it the war in Iraq. it is now going to be called the Battle of Iraq. This is true.


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