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A rant about public education

August 4, 2008

Public and government run education is a sham. Those of us who survived in spite of the scandalous, lack of quality education need to be aware of the changes that have transpired over the last 20 years. Public schools are failing our children. George Bush’s No Child Left Behind was a good start towards helping make the changes but now politicians are afraid to to take further actions to tweak and fine tune it for fear of criticism. Bush has been willing to make tough unpopular decisions, based on the moral, principled right thing to do. America needs this continued approach towards public education. Vote YES for school vouchers. Vote NO for bonds, assessments or taxes that give more money to public schools.
We have to stop doing the same things and expecting different results. Schools quality has been falling for decades and Americans have been behaving insanely. Our future depends on the education of our children. The enemy know this. We should too.


Romney on CNN

August 4, 2008

This last week the McCain camp is gaining the big MO. Lets hope he can keep it.

Romney will move Conservatives (of which McCain needs) unfortunately the bigoted evangelicals may be lost, this is for the greater good.

Evangelicals have had their guy in Bush now it’s time to get on board with a McCain/Romney ticket.

(note: this is only for the “bigoted” evangelicals. I confess to being one of those until I watched Romney’s “Faith in America” speech. I have since repented but still see the bigotry in the “brothers and sisters”)