Is there some one I can call?

I am so disgusted by the defence of Sarah Palin.

Question: Is she the most qualified person for the job of VP in the Republican Party. Every time CNN, Fox News or MSNBC asks a Republican this question they either scoot around it or say well she’s more qualified than BHO.

There is only one answer to this question and that is YES…Yes she is more qualified. She is the exact person that is needed at this time.

Then they ask is she qualified to be a heart beat away from the presidency? And again everyone goes back to well “look at BHO” they then somehow say that Biden is more qualified to be pres than Obama…. That is so freaking ridicules. Biden would be 100 times worse than Palin and to think that he is “a Heartbeat away from the Oval office is scarier than Hell….

Lastly the media has found new reason to discriminate against McCain for his age…wow that’s just great so now we are supposed to believe McCain is going to die in office.

It’s obvious that the main stream media is slanted for Obama. But how is it that there are no leaders standing up to them? We got a hint of it tonight…but then more of the same later (see Larry King 9/1/2008….I’m just fed up and if the McCain camp does not push back hard against these weak arguments he will not make it in November.


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