Zogby: Don’t believe the hype

October 10, 2008

Polls shows, the race is still too close to call.

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October 6, 2008

The Relationship Between Barack Obama And Bill Ayers Is Much More Extensive Than Obama’s Campaign Is Willing To Admit. Obama’s Top Campaign Staff Have Attempted To Downplay The Relationship Between Obama And Bill Ayers:

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Palin says Obama palling around with terrorists

October 4, 2008

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is accusing Democrat Barack Obama of palling around with terrorists for his association with a former 1960s radical.

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WSJ.com – Opinion: Obama Was Willing to Lose in Iraq

October 3, 2008

A president cannot treat a war as if it’s a game.

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An Interview With Jim DeMint On The Bailout Crisis

September 26, 2008

I got together this afternoon for a short interview with Jim DeMint, the man who could fairly be called the conservative leader of the Senate, to hear what he has to say about the bailout…

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Is there some one I can call?

September 2, 2008

I am so disgusted by the defence of Sarah Palin.

Question: Is she the most qualified person for the job of VP in the Republican Party. Every time CNN, Fox News or MSNBC asks a Republican this question they either scoot around it or say well she’s more qualified than BHO.

There is only one answer to this question and that is YES…Yes she is more qualified. She is the exact person that is needed at this time.

Then they ask is she qualified to be a heart beat away from the presidency? And again everyone goes back to well “look at BHO” they then somehow say that Biden is more qualified to be pres than Obama…. That is so freaking ridicules. Biden would be 100 times worse than Palin and to think that he is “a Heartbeat away from the Oval office is scarier than Hell….

Lastly the media has found new reason to discriminate against McCain for his age…wow that’s just great so now we are supposed to believe McCain is going to die in office.

It’s obvious that the main stream media is slanted for Obama. But how is it that there are no leaders standing up to them? We got a hint of it tonight…but then more of the same later (see Larry King 9/1/2008….I’m just fed up and if the McCain camp does not push back hard against these weak arguments he will not make it in November.

A rant about public education

August 4, 2008

Public and government run education is a sham. Those of us who survived in spite of the scandalous, lack of quality education need to be aware of the changes that have transpired over the last 20 years. Public schools are failing our children. George Bush’s No Child Left Behind was a good start towards helping make the changes but now politicians are afraid to to take further actions to tweak and fine tune it for fear of criticism. Bush has been willing to make tough unpopular decisions, based on the moral, principled right thing to do. America needs this continued approach towards public education. Vote YES for school vouchers. Vote NO for bonds, assessments or taxes that give more money to public schools.
We have to stop doing the same things and expecting different results. Schools quality has been falling for decades and Americans have been behaving insanely. Our future depends on the education of our children. The enemy know this. We should too.

Romney on CNN

August 4, 2008


This last week the McCain camp is gaining the big MO. Lets hope he can keep it.

Romney will move Conservatives (of which McCain needs) unfortunately the bigoted evangelicals may be lost, this is for the greater good.

Evangelicals have had their guy in Bush now it’s time to get on board with a McCain/Romney ticket.

(note: this is only for the “bigoted” evangelicals. I confess to being one of those until I watched Romney’s “Faith in America” speech. I have since repented but still see the bigotry in the “brothers and sisters”)

Is McCain Playing the victim???

July 23, 2008

I say yes

Stream of Consciousness

July 20, 2008

Okay so Bush is a good President, history will prove it. the war in Iraq was a good idea. It is (or was)the central front of the War on Terror.

Right now the Republican talking points are to say Obama was wrong on the surge. or more specifically that if we followed Obama’s strategy we would have lost the Battle of Iraq. The Liberal talking point is to say Obama was never for the war. (duh) that is the easiest counter to the stupid Republican argument.

Therefore if Republicans are going to win this argument they must win the argument that “The Battle of Iraq was the right move from the start” stress “We have won the Battle of Iraq!” Re-frame the argument, restate the terminology. 

The war of words will win the election, until enough American wake up to realize that they have to look beyond the words these stupid politicians are saying. Americans must familiarize themselves with the consequences of the decisions of their vote, the consequences of their candidates platform, the consequences of a political parties platform

I am no longer calling it the war in Iraq. it is now going to be called the Battle of Iraq. This is true.

What is going to happen in November?

June 29, 2008

Does it really matter? Well it matters to me. but then again It mattered to me in 1996 but the American public still gave 4 more years of Clinton. There is just no telling. One thing for sure is we need a Leader. why aren’t there any leaders among us….I think the leader should come from among the wealthy…not just the uppermiddle wealthy, I’m talking the super wealthy. Hears an idea…why aren’t NFL game tickets $5 a piece….seriously…I know they don’t have a problem selling out stadiums now but If I were were making millions a year as a team owner I would not be talking about how rookies are getting paid to much. there is an undeniable plague of selfishness and greed that is attacking us. Affecting us and bringing down the goodness inside us. how  is it that there are so many with so much but yet so few take a stand. how can there not be a leader among us who can unite us. Such great minds, talent and wealth. Spoiled by short sited desires and carnal pleasure. And what about the talkers. Those with the microphone. Or should I say micro-phonies. Their entertainment value is exhausted. Why aren’t they doing more????  The same reasons. Selfish greed. Lord we need a leader. Please Lord bring us a leader.


Let the Light of Day Disinfect Us from the Green Bacteria.

April 24, 2008

We need a hero. Newt is no longer a Conservative. Republicans in general are also in question. Who will rescue us?

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